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Hayley Hunter Showroom

This is our awesome showroom

Las Vegas Native Hayley Hunter has taken her innate ability for creativity and visual interpretation of design to another level. Her art-inspired furnishings are often created from a simple found object that the average individual might overlook. Hunter has captured a diverse audience in a virtually untapped market of commercial and residential opportunity, one that fuses downtown culture with modern contemporary design. She’s not afraid to step outside the box and has a unique ability to read her client’s inner artist and capture the heart and soul in each project.

Her company, Hayley Hunter, (Create. Design. Love.) Is not just her mantra but grown into a business that redefines the spirit of fine upholstery manufacturing, total restoration as well as a boutique showroom located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas.

This multifaceted business, established in 2006, offers made-to-order furnishings— featuring her signature brand, the Hayley Hunter Collection—designed to give a fresh artistic style to new or existing interiors. Hayley sculpts, creates, finishes both commercial and residential spaces with quality manufactured or sourced furnishings that personify her clients’ style or brand.

She has brought her creative touch to such establishments as the Penthouse Residence at the W Hollywood, downtown Las Vegas hot spots, Commonwealth, Park on Fremont, Lavo as well as Blvd Cocktail Co. at the LINQ.

Hayley has been summoned to work for a variety of influencers and high-level executives from Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas on both commercial and residential projects.

Let’s do something together: info@hayleyhunter.com | 702.818.5779